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Manufacturing Technology Implementation

Are you finding it difficult to understand how new manufacturing technologies can help you reduce costs, improve quality, and decrease cycle time?

Are you finding it hard to get your arms around what will be required to integrate next-generation manufacturing technologies into your operations?

Are you concerned that your workforce may not have the skill sets and culture required to transform your business into a factory of the future?

Making the technology and talent investments required to adopt next-generation manufacturing technologies is daunting when reshoring has turned out to be little more than hype and you are facing a current skills gap that is keeping your business from growing. We understand this challenge and are here to be your trusted advisor to help you determine the best way to transform your business into a factory of the future.

Business Plans for Manufacturing Innovation

Are supply chain restructuring efforts causing you to think about how manufacturing innovation investments could lead to business growth?

Are you struggling with developing strategies to develop new sustainable revenue streams around your unique manufacturing innovation capabilities?

Are you finding your business plan is lacking a manufacturing innovation strategy that enables you to reduce product costs and scale your operations?

Developing a comprehensive strategy and entirely new business models for how you plan to utilize manufacturing innovation to drive top line growth and improve bottom line performance can seem overwhelming when customers are demanding year-over-year cost reductions. We understand the challenges associated with building new organizational capabilities in manufacturing innovation and are here to use our experience to help you develop the right strategy to leverage manufacturing innovation to both grow your business and improve operational performance.

Technology Roadmapping & Strategic Planning

Do you find your technology roadmapping process lacking the structure and rigor to produce roadmaps that can be used for more than PowerPoint talking points?

Do you find Post-it note affinity grouping based brainstorming approaches producing lackluster technology roadmaps and strategic plans with vague go-forward strategies?

Do you find a large disconnect between critical roadmap milestones and the annual operating plan budget required to execute your strategic plan?

Developing and implementing complex multi-stakeholder multi-technology roadmaps is challenging and requires special processes to be effective. We understand these challenges and have developed a proprietary and proven systems engineering based roadmapping process that turns your roadmaps into holistic strategic planning tools that will help you get from where you are today to where you need to be in the future.

Organization & Business Process Design

Do you need assistance designing an organizational structure and management operating system that enables you to drive manufacturing innovation?

Do you need a maturity model to benchmark your manufacturing operations and provide a means to guide your factory transformation activities?

Do you need help designing and implementing initiatives that incentivize multiple stakeholders to collaborate on manufacturing innovations?

Transforming legacy manufacturing operations into technology and talent differentiated advanced manufacturing enterprises is challenging and requires holistic integrated approaches for technology, talent, and organizational development. We understand the challenges associated with driving transformative change are are here to help you develop the org structures, business processes, and tools to accelerate your journey.

Product Development Risk Mitigation

Are your customers demanding technology differentiated products at lower costs that require faster cycles of innovation and time to market?

Are increasingly complex product designs causing new product introduction scale-up issues across your manufacturing operations and supply chain?

Are design for manufacturing (DFM) problems being identified too late in the design process to change critical part features and attributes?

Most companies have sophisticated engineering analysis tools and methods in place to successfully drive product innovation and mitigate design risk, yet use simplistic best practice checklists and go/no-go DFM rules to mitigate manufacturing risk. We understand the advanced physics-based analysis tools you desperately need are not easy to identify and adopt, and are here to help you implement the needed capabilities.

Hidden Factory Yield Improvements

Are design-driven yield issues causing excessive scrap and rework that is impacting quality costs and driving up work in process (WIP) inventory?

Are design-driven yield issues increasing machine capacity utilization rates and causing the need for additional capital equipment to meet throughput?

Are design-driven yield issues impacting factory cost, quality, and delivery performance but the ROI is insufficient to justify a value engineering fix?

Conventional value engineering and continuous improvement approaches are of little help in addressing hidden factory problems when design-driven yield issues are the underlying cause of the manufacturing inefficiencies. We have a deep understanding of how design-driven yield issues impact factory operations and can help you implement advanced approaches that quantify the real hidden factory costs for ROI calculations.